Monday, December 12, 2005

Now THIS is a Girlie Cycling Poster

Slowin' Down for the Greyhound

Woman, bicycle, dog....
poster found here


Tim said...

I have a girly cycling photo that will make Dipsydoodle look like June Cleaver. I just don't plan to post it until I'm really desperate to fill my blog, or until I drink enough wine some night to really destroy my judgement!

Your new one is cool. I've collected a bunch of vintage cycling poster imagess from various websites. It's a blast to look at those things. Too bad today's bike and component manufacturers can't do anything as creative and artistic.

George said...

THAT is cool.

gwadzilla said...

i love those old cycling posters

for my wedding invite I tried to make a card in a similar style
only I forgot that I do not know how to draw or paint
it was original!
gotta give me that

I should scan it and put it on my blog

nOTSO said...

Hey, where did the rest of your blog go? I hope it is back soon. I like the poster.

I am the recipient of much baiku from an email list I am on. Most of it is more profane than I wish to post here, but maybe I'll post one or two at some point.

nOTSO said...

Oops, it's back now.

the old bag said...

T -- so, we'll know the weather is getting worse as your girly posters get more revealing? Interesting barometer!

T, George, Gwadz -- agreed, I'm thinking about getting something framed for the wall.

nOTSO -- profane baiku??