Sunday, September 24, 2006


sometimes all that's necessary
is a careful examination of the pieces
and of the intricate connection
between their working and their resting

- ob


Rhea said...

I got back into biking about 3 years ago and I love it. I'm 48 and had many years without a bike. I learned yesterday that my bike had been stolen. Just after I got lights on it for night riding and new brakes. Ohhhh. I will look for another one, but probably used, not new like this one.

Emma Pod said...

Hey there Old Bag,

Nice photo. Have you ever created any sculptures or art pieces with your old bike parts?

the old bag said...

Rhea -- thanks for stopping by! sorry to hear about your bicycle -- what a bummer.

Emma -- I haven't sculpted...wind chimes maybe??

Emma Pod said...

windchimes, patio lights, birdbath stand, wall hanging, clock....the possibilities are endless! At an art studio last year I saw someone who sculpted with old metal car parts. There were some really interesting pieces. There was also a nice horse scupture at the state fair - made out of old metal parts: