Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just Pause

I skipped out on the ride in this morning
I woke up tired
I wake up every day tired
but this morning was the tired that I feel
at not having enough time at home
after working late and getting up early
so the pink sunrise became my excuse
for a quiet morning
watching the colors rise in the backyard sky

- ob sometimes it's nice just to sit


budda43 said...

Ahhh . . .

the back to school lethargy.

Hang in there OB!

sydney_b said...

i hope you made a good coffee or tea to go with the sunrise. Mornings are my favorite time -- the sunrise a moment of hope, anticipation, an opportunity to start again. :)

Hope your batteries recharge soon.

Roberta said...

Oh, aren't those morning rides in September just the best? I envy you, but I have to tell you I shared the same sunrise albeit in some other corner of the globe and not from the best of all perches -- for Sep mornings - a bicycle seat.
But I wallowed with you in my own tiredness for the first two lines while leaning forward in my chair to catch every word (rather than every smell and breeze). Ended up feeling quite alive and vital and ready for another day.

Tree said...

Well, if you are going to miss a ride, I'd say that gorgeous sunrise is justification.

the old bag said...

budda -- thanks.

syd -- Good words. Sure looking forward to the recharge -- thanks.

Roberta -- thanks for coming along for the ride!

Tree -- yeah, thanks.

PAB said...

good choice

Roberta said...

My, do I feel the dunce. I came back to re-read this and discovered you did not 'skip out for a ride' ... you 'skipped the ride'. That's what happens when the mental facilities slow and the eyesight begins to blur.

But when I came back to reflect a second time, I picked up what you were laying down (as the kids always remind me that I need to do). Forgive me for the misinterpretation.

Jill said...

Beautiful picture. I'm not a morning person, either, so I can't wait for the days when the sun will come up late enough that I can see it.

X Bunny said...

and that was me, not pab, who said 'good choice'

he owes me fiddy cents for not signing out

but he woulda said 'good choice' too, i believe

Alberto said...

A pause, a pause is good, but without guilt and rumination. At times – lately – when I don’t feel like riding I feel like a cheater…like some honeymoon is over….

the old bag said...

Roberta -- not a dunce! There are times I skip out for the ride as well...the sentiment is always the same regardless what's skipped: clarity of heart and soul. You can still come along -- but bring both lawn chair and bicycle!

Jill -- around here it's getting later and later. I guess I'm just not quite ready for the dark mornings. You must really like the late-sleep!

xBun -- I think he woulda.

Alberto -- I know what you mean. When I skip, I always think I shoulda but I'm getting better with it. Sometimes skipping means other things get done...those other things that I feel guilt over when I skip them. It can be a viscious circle!

Eclectchick said...


the old bag said...

Thanks for stopping by, Eclectchick.

Eclectchick said...

A pleasure! Must do it much more often. :-)