Wednesday, September 06, 2006


do people do all this and work full-time too??

clean/lube mountain bikes
work on garage shui
vacuum the basement
wash-out the cat boxes
Round-Up the weeds
go through desk piles
email Cindy
vacuum the floor
wash the car
pay my bills
make a Target run
catalog returns
spraypaint the vent covers
first buy the paint

- TOB whew!


Matt said...

I never vacuum the basement. Now I feel ashamed.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

can't we just hire somebody?

Anonymous said...

I don't even have a basement. Move south OB. :-)

Tree aka Joe#5

Ptelea said...

I have no clue how people get so much done. Having spent the past 16 years as a single parent of 2 with a full time job and a homeowner, all I can offer are excuses! I hate to admit it but I have lowered my standards for 'household maintenance' over the years - but I am happy not to let myself be bound by convention.

C. P. said...


1. sick days
2. insomnia
3. hire the neighbor kids
4. retire
5. ?

sydney_b said...

uh, no. I dispense with vacuuming. ;)

budda43 said...

I just reduce the list and live in filth - but I'm cool with that.

the old bag said...

Matt -- it's the kitty litter...

oV -- I WISH. Damn, I need a personal assistant.

Tree -- but the seasons!

Ptelea -- agreed. One can only do so much.

CP -- I'm all over those sick days...and retirement. Gotta love retirement.

Sydney B -- I would do likewise, but I'd be up to my eyeballs in furballs! Thanks for stopping.

Budda -- I'm cool with disorder...until I can't find that thing I need and it drives me crazy.

Jeff in Chico said...

Yeah, and try to do some of that at a school site as well. That's how developed AOADD (Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder) The key word in that last sentenced in DEVELOPED........

Knox Gardner said...

Um, I do this: "Consult"

velogirl said...

Don't make to-do lists! It'll just kill you.

the old bag said...

Jeff -- bummer.

Knox -- I think you're onto something!

Velogirl -- yeah...probably right. Thanks for stopping by!