Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pointless and...wait, there's BEER?



An off-road century?

That's what the shirt says.

Whoa! You're ridin' a hunderd miles?

Read the shirt.

Buuuuut you've barely been riding this past month...

Don't need to. Ridden before. Know how to ride.


It's a great shirt.



...and...they'll need...people stuff.

And the beer.'re on cooler detail!

Durned tootin'.

Of course.

- The Bag hits the dusty trail Oct. 7th


PAB said...

i love it.

cross bike??

sydney_b said...

awesome. sounds like a blast

Tim said...

Any ride with such a cool name and t-shirt is worth doing.

the old bag said...

Pab -- 'cross fer sure, mtb as well just to shake things up, beer surely.

Syd -- gotta love a day with options....

Tim -- the t-shirt was what finally convinced me! A few emails went around and I promptly blew them off...but the shirt!

Eclectchick said...

Holy WOW! Dang - cain't wait to read all about it.


I'm a lil bit afeard that I could easily fall prey to cool shirt-itis as well someday. Gulp!