Thursday, September 07, 2006

OK, Scratch the Vacuuming

but instead add:

read blogs

- The Old how do I get all the entries read?!? Bag


PAB said...

blogs are so much better for you than vacuuming.

vacuuming stirs up the dust which you then breathe. it also can cause back strain. not to mention that if you have stairs, there is serious potential of falling and hurting yourself.

reading blogs is actually good for you. it um....

sydney_b said...

wow. good points, pab. I hadn't thot how dangerous it was. Heck, I'm going to give my vac away now.

I think I'd also dispense washing the car and spray painting the vents in favor of blogs.


Jill said...

Yeah ... Spray paint gives off noxious fumes. And I'm pretty sure car wax has asbestos in it. Hazards all.

Tree said...

Yes OB, come join me on the dark side.

George said...

Um.....I feel kinda guilty. I'm supposed to be outside right now cutting the grass.

Maybe tommorrow:-)

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah ... blogs don't suck.

sydney_b said...

george, u should read god's view on the topic of cutting grass.

the old bag said...


Everyday chores.