Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And Breathing

scratch the breathing...well, except that I can do that while undertaking other things on the list so OK maybe breathing stays but the vent covers just aren't getting done and if they don't get painted they'll rust so maybe leave that one on the list but maybe skip the car-washing since the car is a beater anyway but I still need to have the oil changed and tires rotated and have that clunk checked-out but I'm cycling to work tomorrow so who cares for tomorrow anyway and after that IT'S FRIDAY!

- OB and then I can crash, right??


gwadzilla said...

I am taking Friday off
tomorrow will feel better than friday
as it will be the start of a three day weekend

road trip with the family

starting to thing about bringing a bike
if nothing else I can work on my cyclocros technique

my cross needs some serious work

as do my legs and lungs

X Bunny said...

breathing and doing other things at the same time


Ruby said...

This post sounds so much like I feel. I love being at home to and there's just never enough time spent there. And then there's the Friday and Saturday night gigs that I agreed to do several months ago which now translate into 'The Weekend's Lost' Hope you that you soon get to the other side of this wave... Chin up shoulders back.

the old bag said...

Gwadz -- I'm jealous of your three-day weekend. Have a great time!

xBunny -- darn' right.

Ruby -- it's hard to do everything even when that Friday/Sat. night gig is something means more time somewhere else and not at home with one's thoughts.