Thursday, May 11, 2006


at not having enough time

h o w e v e r

that there's not

it is
I decide

to take time

- Baggie and ya know, it's all in the choices....


Squirrel said...

yardlaundry-Bike while washing-putclothesindryervaccum-bike again:)


X Bunny said...

i've been trying to manifest all my chores getting done by themselves....

i must need more practice

Velo Bella said...

I called in sick one day last month, just to get my chores done.

and go for a ride

Alberto said...

What's "other things"? You're beginning to weaken, OB.

Jennnnnn said...

i realllly want to be able to blame my poor time management on there being only 24 hours in a day. bah.

only 10 days of high school silliness left for me!

the old bag said...

Squirrel, you make it sound so easy! :-]

Xbun, I'm with you on that one...there's got to be a way. I keep thinking I won't notice if I let things go just one more week.

VB, I might have to join you in that one...sometimes life needs a day off.

Alberto, other things besides CYCLINGandCOFFEEandLONGLUNCHES.....

Jennnnn, I wish we were done when you're done. We've got 18! :-(

Roberta said...

It is, as you say, about choices but it's almost impossible to say to a guest, "Yes, I knew you were coming but I choose not to clean up the dishes or the floor." Somehow it's more acceptable to say, "I didn't have time". Is it a deliberate lie? No. I really didn't have time because of my choice to read blogs rather than tidy up.