Friday, May 05, 2006

Racin' the Train

About four blocks north of home is the Minneapolis bike highway/Cedar Lake Trail, a trail system running through Hopkins and St. Louis Park into downtown Minneapolis. The same distance south is the LRT/Greenway which heads from way west of Hopkins into Uptown through southern Minneapolis to points beyond. Both trails were built upon abandoned rail lines, but both have an active set of tracks close by.

The highway is a huge swath of green space considered a park by Minneapolis. East- and westbound riders have their own trails, separated from each other and from walkers. A rider wouldn't realize s/he's in the middle of Minneapolis, except for the visible city skyline above the trees to the east. Eventually, the trail will find its way through downtown to the Mississippi River. The Greenway is likewise heading toward the river, but is a bit further south.

The trail system is the start and end to just about any ride I do these days. It gets me to wherever I want to be and then sends me back home.

And, sometimes while I'm out on it the Train comes out to play with.

A friend and I were on the finishing end of our ride once when it showed. We were tired, taking a nice easy spin back home down the bike highway when the engine passed us and the rail cars clacked by. The rumble began....
Betcha can't.

I can, just don't want to. I'm tired. We've been riding all da.....


CAN. If I wanted to.

Can't. Weenie.

Oh sure, names....

Can't. Frieda.


Can't. Granny..

... . .

I was off like McEwen yeah, that's it, McEwen.

Of course the Train eventually pulled-it-out and beat me to the underpass. I started early and had no lead-out.

Tactics. Gotta work on my tactics. Always been my downfall.



Ptelea said...

Sounds like fun & a challenge. Would you care to photo-document?!

the old bag said...

Hey Ptelea -- my plan is to do just that now that things are green again...the Twin Cities area is really bicycle-friendly, and green -- as in green space -- compared to most cities. It's easy to forget how good we have it here.

A.R.B. said...

Too funny! You must of been exhausted, O.B., sleeping away so soundly under them covers! :-)


senioritis said...

Who needs tactics when you got enthusiasm?

the old bag said...

Alberto -- yes, tough to get moving sometimes!

Senioritis -- enthusiasm just doesn't cut it sometimes...I need an excuse! :-]