Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Will I Ever be Not Tired?

Got out for an 85-miler through the Coulees of Wisconsin on Sunday -- even though it made for some extra weekend driving, being on the bicycle for the day settled my soul...almost made me forget I've got a job that's sapping every last ounce of energy from my being leaving my bleached bones in a heap by the side of the road

nuthin' fer the vultures to pick at





I know it'll end

- TOB please make it end


Trée said...

"being on the bicycle for the day settled my soul"

Never heard it put quite that way, in part because I'm still pissed at OLN not broadcasting the Giro live, especially on days like today and yesterday with mountain finishes. I would have loved to have seen the snow and how heavy it was to cancel the last 5ks of the stage. Anyhoo, I think I need a little of that soul settling that comes from extended time in the saddle.

What a great fricken phrase OB. I'm writin' this one down. :-)

C. P. said...

Here’s to
good friends...
tonight, tonight,
let it be Lowenbrau.

Ptelea said...

funny how being tired in one way can make you less tired in other ways!

What's the countdown now?

the old bag said...

Trée -- thanks, glad you liked really is that rare thing that can make everything alright.

CP -- Leinies or Summit around here, but the sentiment is definitely the same.

Ptelea -- must be like always having room for dessert (although it wasn't a speedy ride by any means)! Countdown = 10 more student days...counting today.

About:Blank said...

Don't let your job suck the prime life out of you. Always remember: it's only a job, but it's YOUR life!


the old bag said...

AJ -- words to live by, surely, but my job involves 26 other lives and the end of the school year is just plain busy getting them sent-off in fine shape...they're always a pile of energy this time of year. 9 more days!

alberto said...

Perfect title for a post: “Will I Ever Not Be Tired?”

That’s what repeats in my beginner's head over and over again as I die on roads and hills. When will my thighs not hurt? When does one stop being a beginner? Great post.

Hang in there with the kids!

the old bag said...

Thanks Alberto -- the encouragement helps!