Thursday, May 18, 2006


Coach was the first one to bring home to me the connection between the mental and the physical. He'd always said too great an increase in distance or intensity from one week to the next without increasing sleep means I'd be slogging through my days. I heard it, kept mileage logs, looked at the data. THE SLOG still found me and slapped me upside the head every now and again.

I just didn't get it.

Jeanne, the body interprets any stress -- mental or physical -- as part of that 10% increase. So, you've got to include any work or personal stress and make adjustments.


Oh. OK, so the lead safe dropping from the window finally hit its mark.

THE SLOG has felled me again. Always does this time of year. Work stress threads its way through pores and once inside twirls into tiny knots around muscle fibers. And just as I'm nearing the tops of hills it yanks. Stings the quads deep. Over and over. Then the backslide begins.

Exhaustion. Meetings. Reports. Kids' energy. Job changes for fall that need concentration now. Educators all ramp-up this time of year, knowing the crash starts June 9th.

Years ago, another cycling, camping, hiking, teacher friend and I struck out for the north shore of Lake Superior the day school ended. We couldn't wait for a 3-day attack on the woods: a celebration! WE WERE DONE!!
Trudge to the campsite....set up tents...sleep

Build fire for breakfast eat ...nap

4 miles on the bicycle? call it good...nap

Look at hiking boots...nap



- OB countin' the days and there's 14


Roberta said...

I like your style of camping. You and I and your teacher friend would get on very well together.

Ruby said...

I hope that you weather the storm in a fashion that keeps you whole mentally and physically. Hang in, your almost there.

It seems to make more sense when someone else says it. Thanks for the reminder.

the old bag said...

Roberta -- well, that style isn't typical of all our trips, but count on it every June!

Ruby -- I roll with it the best I can, knowing the routine and that it'll be over soon. Thanks a ton, it sure helps to hear well wishes!

X Bunny said...

i tell people frequently in my line of work that your body only has so much energy to put out and it doesn't care if it is physical or emotional, so if you use it all up on emotional stuff, you shouldn't be surprised when there's no energy left for the physical

but i am all the time

the old bag said...

XB -- me too...I know I should expect it, and tell others to, but it still catches me off guard.