Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Regain, Recoup, Retrieve

...walkin' the fine line, tip-toein' the tightrope, hedging along the high wire....

One false move blows it.


It's my goal this season to do it right. I seem to have had this notion the past couple years that I don't need to worry about it, but I'm tired of doing a pile of riding only to be wiped-out the following week because I didn't respect the recovery I need. If my mindset this year is to be fit enough to not question whether I can dance through the long ride with the elevation gain, then I need to use what I've learned.

I learned that recovery is my downfall. I sabotage it. I go on rides with the crowd, but I'll ride slow today.


So, I headed-out to the Greenway on my own last week to ease-out my legs after a couple days of hard riding. A mile or so into it I heard
coming, this time toward me I'm good everything's fine I'm ok all is good's good all good...good here...breathing relaxing takin' muh time.... I was running an errand in the opposite direction. Until I hit the crossing. I stopped to wait for the Train to pass, but really wanted to keep my legs moving, so I turned back to continue spinning and found myself going the same direction as
We eyed each other...positioned my fingers near the shifters...just to be safe from...darting...dogs or...something.

Surprisingly, there was no posturing this time. We had an easy 10 mph recovery ride until I had to turn back around.

They say slow days are best done on your own, but riding with a partner of a similar mindset is always nice.

- OB


Ruby said...

I suffer from the same affliction. I promise that I'll take it easy and then along comes my train. Let's take it easy. Really easy...

juancho said...

You have such a lovely place here. I really must stop by more often.

kathy said...


My name is kathy and i saw your pic over at tree's place! it caught my made me laugh! I'm 47 and I'm wondering how i got here too lol
I love your blog...I'll be back. :)

the old bag said...

Ruby -- and on top of it is the time of the schoolyear...everything is exhausting!

Juancho -- thanks for rollin' by!

Kathy -- welcome and thanks for stopping!