Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Week

It didn't work for me this week
the commute
the ride usually solves the problems
removes the irritations
by the time I arrive home
but this week it didn't
my mind was roiling
drivers were rude
my attitude matched theirs
when usually it's just not worth it to me
to fight for space
"please, after you" is my mantra
because nothing spoils my ride
my big ringed pilates session
my two-wheeled prayer
except this week
I dared them
all of them
them in all of their entitlement
thinking they're better than me
more deserving of the roads
when really it wasn't me
but was the "me"
that was occupying my brain
this week

- OB in her crabby place


Mike J said...

Probably a good thing cyclist have a hard time running drivers off of the road. Hang in there.

C. P. said...

What's the axiom? Take a deep breath and count to 10?

Or maybe just give 'em the finger.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I find screaming cuss words helps. I am also a fan of the fist shake, the window knock and the "what the hell" gesture.

bother yam said...

Impudent cyclist! I will crush you! Bow to me! I am Driver, hear me roar!

jeff said...

Is OB here? Can she come out of her crabby place to play? Next week is a new week.

LimesNow said...

OB, it's in the air. David said, " 'Tis the season of nasty." I've had quite the week myself. The only dwarves in the forest seem to be Barky, Bitchy, Bitey, Nasty . . and I've become one of them in self-defense. My usual crab-busters aren't doing the trick so I'm focusing on the week to come.

The Old Bag said...

OK, so how about counting to 10 then screaming cuss words before giving them the "what the hell?!" and knocking on the window during a deep breath...with Barkey, Bitchy, Bitey and Nasty?

I'm so confused.

WheelDancer said...

Sometimes you can't go
Around things you would rather
So you just go through

You feel like you
Are a bit short coming
That's how it works

Cuss or flip them off
Be right, just don't be dead right
It will pass, it will

LimesNow said...

Funny how things really do seem better in the morning sometimes! I'm pretty chirpy vs. the past several days.

WD comes across as a most level, balanced, serene, philosophical, good human being. I copied what he wrote here and stuck it on my desk to remind me.

The Old Bag said...

Better in the morning and better on the weekends.

Who WAS that irritating woman, anyway?

WD keeps me sane!

LimesNow said...

GOOD for you both ~ that is life as it should be! Here's to a better week - your gin/limes, my tequila/limes.

That woman is one of MANY in our really tiny zip code area - more "usual" than unusual. ;{ We learn to be wary!

juancho said...

at least they know they've been told off by a poet.