Sunday, September 27, 2009


We stumbled across the REI Scratch and Dent sale a year ago. It's their regular purge of all their returned products, complete with reason for return written on each item. Many items are incorrect sizes, have a broken piece or were "worn twice, but couldn't break-in"; but there are always items that have a surprising story behind the return.

Last year's favorite? A cycling jersey covered with snags -- snags everywhere...reason for return: washed with velcro.

This year's Best Of was on a well-worn pair of hiking boots -- reason for return: wore for six years, GoreTex quit working.

I scored a great pair of hiking/backpacking boots that retail for $180, leather, waterproof, Vibram soles, mine for $30 $30! -- reason for return: wore three times, too small. They were returned without the insoles, which was the reason for the so-low price tag. I can live with that.

- The Bag loves a deal


LimesNow said...

OB, you're speaking to a sister. I want the good goods and I refuse to pay full retail for anything. Good for you, the beautiful boots! My Vasque hiking boots, given to me as a gift, are from the era when they were still made in Italy (not China). Some woman bought a size too small and wore them exactly once. I've put plenty of miles on them and they will serve me for years. By the way, Cabelas does a similar sale, and there are wonderful bargains to be found the next time you go to Phoenix.

Doozyanner said...

A couple of years ago I scored a beautiful, beautiful sweater that retailed for $180 for $10. I coveted it for myself, but alas, it fit my sister better. It was fun to be able to give her such a lovely gift. And gee...I think I've been going about things all wrong--if I wash something that snags easily with velcro I blame myself, not the store! Who could return such an item with a straight face??

The Old Bag said...

I don't get it either, and can't believe people would have the nerve to return items like that...on the other hand, I can't believe the store would accept such returns: wore for six years?!?

Notorious T said...

As an REI member for more than 30 years, I love the good deals occasionally found in "the attic" as it's called at our local store. But I'm sort of aghast at their too-liberal returns policy. Half the stuff I see there has been returned because it's nearly worn out from hard use.

Mike J said...

We live close enough to their flagship store in Seattle that we stop by every now and then. Their basement is always full of scratch and dent items. Jenny got a new pair of merrell hiking boots for $15 once. Score. That's also where I got my bike trainer. Someone returned it because they couldn't figure out how to put it together.