Friday, September 11, 2009

How Ever Will I

a back-to-work haiku

has it been a week
since I've put together a
coherent post for

the laundry and mail
regenerate themselves in
an amazingly

how will I ever
accomplish in an evening
things that used to take

- OB Zzzz but I'm not done and it's already time for b

(a reprint from WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006 because I'm just so ti)


LimesNow said...

Ah, you are suffering. People who think school districts are fat with hidden treasure chests, lazy workers, etc. should read some of the blogs I follow. I'm sorry re-entry has been tough this year. How many days until June? ;}

Mike J said...

Getting back in the swing of things is tough. My two high school kids came home from school yesterday and passed out on the floor for 2 hours. You should try that, it may help.

Once known as The Badger said...

this describes my life right now pretty accurately... the return to the madness after months of quiet and serenity... and budget cuts that demand more for less and less. It's not just "getting back to the swing of things", this is up there where the swing has lost contact with gravity.

The Old Bag said...

Well Limes, I wouldn't say suffering, but I would say spinning. It's a busy time of year that always takes adjustment. Hidden treasure chests and lazy people??? RIGHT!

Mike...if I only had two hours!

Badger, well put. Fewer staff to do the same work...they try to keep budget cuts from affecting the classroom, but everyone whose job is in support of the classroom is affected, therefore kids are affected through fewer hours' access to the library due to fewer personnel, fewer tech issues that get fixed (or fewer current tech pieces that get purchased and deployed), fewer current books to keep kids interested and reading....