Friday, July 14, 2006

The Flipside

So whad'ya do when it's just too hot?

5:45 AM: 69 degrees, 60% humidity
mmmmmmphfffggllluuhh WHA? mggrrrffff radio?

6:20 AM: 71 degrees, 64% humidity
...the radio....the phone?...who-the--

6:40 AM: 71 degrees, 64% humidity
Roll out to meet up with Sweetie on his morning commute it's 6: flippin'40! ...but I can nap later...and the early AM exercise will jump-start my day.

9:42 AM: 77 degrees, 70% humidity
Shower in the basement. Coolest place in the house. Mental checklist: organize basement since it's too hot to be doing anything outside today and I did jump-start my day. All sorts of energy. Big energy. Lots-o energy. E N E R G Y Coffee. Sit down at the computer upstairs. Why am I not blogging these days? I have a Sweetie and life as I know it is over?? Start blog entry.

12:14 PM: 87 degrees, 56% humidity...heat index 95 degrees
Still at the computer. Online shopping. Photoshop-ing. Iced coffee. Put together fan purchased yesterday these half-story post WWII houses are cute, but come on -- ONE vent upstairs??

12:40 PM: 93 degrees, 50% humidity...heat index 101 degrees
Heat Index (HI) = the temperature the body feels when heat and humidity are combined...kind of like windchill when it's -12 blasted #%@!! degrees in the winter...only not... in that the effect on one's activity level is similar...

but I've got e n e r g y

...sure glad I jump started my day mmphfggluuhhh zzz z z....

3:04 PM: 91 degrees, 48% humidity...heat index 92 degrees
I'M AWAKE! Awake. Looks like we avoided the 97 degree predicted high. Whew. Basement. It's on the list.

- OB


Brandon said...

Congrats on the sweetie!! You go girl!!!! Excuse viable for not blogging. Sorry for the gross out wound pics... Oh I think it's time to take more pain meds.....

Shawn Kielty said...

Didn't you mention lake water swimming and wetting one's self in your last post?

X Bunny said...

drive to the coast


i'm in central oregon so that doesn't work this weekend

hide in the shade

ack--giant mosquitos that seem to thrive on citronella

at least my ugly tan lines will be darker

the old bag said...

Brandon -- thanks :-] . And all the best wishes to you on your recovery!

Shawn -- that lake is a good 2+ hour drive north from here...but there are some good urban lakes nearby.

xB -- Hope you-n-Pab had a great weekend of racing!