Monday, July 17, 2006

Dew Point

Def: the temperature at which air becomes saturated and produces dew.

Yesterday's Stats
High Temp -- 93 °F
Dew Point -- 70 °F
Average Humidity -- 71% (high 87%, low 59%)

Today is predicted to be near 90 with the dew point hovering around 60...remaining hot and muggy throughout most of the week, with temps


Hoh baby!

I've taken to the running shoes since the workout is quick and agonizing, so I KNOW it's working.

- OB *sigh*


budda43 said...

We've reached that point of summer when the thought of winter is no longer a bad thing.

It's sooooooooooooo hot . . . :(

Judy said...

I was feeling kinda smug about your last couple of posts, thinking that it's never like that here in the UK. But the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday here is 93F....... only 24% humidity though (is that better or worse?)!!

Alberto said...

Hey, OB. Here in the OC (Old Continent) we’re pretty much experiencing the same weather as you newbies. AWFUL! Died yesterday doing a mere 20 kms. – hallucinating, watching castles rising from the asphalt…terrible.

the old bag said...

Budda -- I agree, although that stretch of -12 back in February is still fresh in my mind!

Judy -- How are you?! I've heard you're getting hit with the heat there...I'd surely trade our 70% humidity for your 24%. 70% makes the air feel thick and close.

Alberto -- we newbies :-], love it. I know that hallucinating thang, but seeing castles sounds rather elegant!