Friday, July 21, 2006

The Trip Begins....

Gotta love public transit. The bus picked me up a block from home, deposited me and my rolling bag downtown on the Mall, and I hopped the light rail to the cajoling friends into hauling me, no $$ for leaving my car at the airport for the week. Once in Portland I followed the same routine to my sister's place...lots of bicycle commuters on Portland's MAX line.

Farmer's Market on Nicollet Mall, downtown Mpls.

Hiawatha Light Rail dropoff deep in the bowels of Mpls./St. Paul Airport

City Center, downtown Portland, OR -- MAX rail dropoff

- OB


Olaf Vanderhoot said...


hope you didn't bring your runnin' shoes.

the old bag said...

They That Bring Misery are indeed along for the trip...


but so are the hiking boots, which hopefully will get the bigger workout!

jen said...

yay jeanne! thanks for the package in the mail! how exciting. i'll write you a note later :-)

oh i wish i could come to oregon with you! I want to see mary again :-( how about she moves to the cities, eh?

goll, i love reading your posts.

hey, got new tennis shoes yesterday! my other ones were wearing thin, literally.

i'm on the lookout for a junkie bike for college; if you happen to come across an unattractive, inexpensive, but still useable bike, let me know. i have thought about placing an ad in my dad's avera newsletter saying just that: "unattractive and inexpensive." i'll be i'd get a ton of calls.

you'll need to help me name it. k?

xoxoxo, jen

Roberta said...

Did you say, did I see a Farmer's market? Public transit might get me there but after a visit to the Farmer's market I might need something bigger and roomier than Public Transit to get me home with my purchases. Lovely pics, particularly of the fresh flowers at the FM.

juancho said...

For a bike fix, go visit Molly Cameron (cross/ mountain etc. racer) at Veloshop downtown. He's a nice guy who loves all bikes great and small. Tugboat Brewery is next doorish too.

the old bag said...

Jen -- I'll keep my eyes open!

Roberta -- thanks for the FM.

Juancho -- thanks for the heads-up!