Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Could it Be...

It's tough for Betty and I on days like this -- she's willing, but I deal with some serious overheating tendencies you'd think the lack-of a pitted-out T-Shirt could be a good thing -- and while Prudence still comes out now and again for the grocery or downtown run, Stella is content to hang-out in the stable in anticipation of those cool fall days.


I've taken out the running shoes...


running shoes, the

shoes I use to run,

those things
I use to do that one thing.

Betty...Stella...Prudence.... Bicycles deserve names. Naming grants personality, insight, attachment. We personify those items in our lives which intensify our experiences as if somehow they knowingly contribute.

In that case, my running shoes are now named They That Dwell in the Underworld and Heap Misery Upon She That Must Run...but there's gotta be a more concise term....

- TOB wishing MN would indeed freeze over


X Bunny said...


judy said...

Ha ha! That's a good one X-bunny!

Lost the thread now... where was I? Oh yes:-

You mean I've got to name my bicycle?!! I haven't even named all of the baby guinea pigs that were born last summer!!! (I named the 3 girls; that was easy, but the 3 boys are more difficult)

the old bag said...

XB -- love it.

Judy -- well, gotta is pretty strong...for me, names just somehow appear in my head when I find myself humming the same tune while on a particular bicycle...or when I absent-mindedly blurt-out a comment directed toward the bicycle, but really meant for me.

Coming up with names for pets is an exercise in agony for me since I know they need to be named...sometimes ends-up being forced. Good for you for waiting on the guinnea boys!

alberto said...

Oh, man, I wanted to do a post like that…it isn’t fair…I wanted to and it was mine…what a great post…shucks….

the old bag said...

Alberto -- by all means, have at it! Make it better! Make it yours!

RUN with it!