Sunday, November 27, 2005

I've Spent Eight Months on a Bicycle!

Where Were THOSE Muscles All This Time?

running through my youth
short distances ‘round the track
fleet-footed playing

memories are fresh
still find excitement within
oval enclosure

now running distance
plodding, tromping, trodding on
muscles tendons OW!

...if bike haiku is called Baiku... is this Raiku?

- The Bag needs some Ibuprofen


George said...

The only time you will see the Donut Guy running is when someone with a gun is chasing him:-)

jen said...

have you received via email the picture of my admirer?

Ptelea said...

Living in a household that consists of a 17-year-old athlete (tennis and baseball)and well...52-year-old me, we buy ibuprofen in the large economy size.

the old bag said...

Hi Jen, Jen -- got the pic. I'll drop you an email!

George -- smart man.

Ptelea -- a house can never have enough!

gwadzilla said...

Raku is a Japanese ceramic glazing process

the old bag said...


If a haiku poem about bikes is called Baiku, then a haiku poem about running must be Raiku.