Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oscar Needs a New Buddy

Why I Don't Blog Regularly



gwadzilla said...

we all get a little needy from time to time

Ptelea said...

I noticed you at george the bike riding donut guy's site. If you are an old bag, I am a VERY old bag. But I don't let such things bother me. Oscar reminds me of my Wiskerz. He climbs up on my lap while I am on the computer - reminds me of exactly the way young children are jealous of their mommy being on the phone. He insists on being held with his front paws on my shoulder - just like you might hold a baby. If I try to continue typing - he jumps down and blocks my view of the keyboard and monitor! Also the incessant begging for food!

I can see that I am really going to enjoy reading your blog.