Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nose Print on the Window

Silver sleek lines,

Illuminating surface,

Secret union,

the beckoning
Master Card.

-TOB on the Bianchi L’una

*no* I'm not getting another bike!


Tim said...

You look at a bike and write poetry.

I look at it and become a pervert:

"Oooooh baby (pant, pant), let's go for a ride!"

George said...

I an VERY happily married.....*but* if you and I were married, I think our garage would have more bikes then some LBS's :-)

nOTSO said...

As one of the earlier (maybe first?) readers of TOB, it's nice to see you getting more comments.

I say steel is real, don't be sucked in by those fat aluminum tubes, they aren't sleek.

And if you don't go steel, go with ti, those salty roads will corrode aluminum just as well as they will rust steel.

AAAAhhhh, I love Florida. A chilly 60 degrees today, I think I'll go for a ride.

Have a great day,

the old bag said...

T, we're saying the same thing...different words and less panting here, but the same thing :-]

George, we'd have to move into the garage and let the bikes have the house!

Notso! Thanks for stopping by again -- how's the house coming along? Hey, the L'una is pure white carbon and it shimmers from the tips of the handlebars to the bottom of the dropouts...a beautiful frame.

You be thinking of us all while you're out in 60 degrees!

senioritis said...

So how many working bikes do you have, and how old is the youngest one? I've got three, but the youngest is 8 years old, and I'm thinking there's a new one in my not-so-distant future, and this one sure does appeal. And I figure, even if you have a dozen bikes, if they're all o-l-d, it's time to upgrade, right? Right?

gwadzilla said...

no you are not getting another bike
not with another mouth to feed running around the house

it is vital for communal animals to have their family

like the bike culture

there is that downed dc courier
he is in a coma from a hit and run
he was a messenger
(I am not a messenger)
many of the messengers want to go see him
but the family is forbidding none family to visit
but these people are his family?

there is an alley cat benefit race for him this weekend
not usually my style of race
not racing due to the dislocation
maybe I should go with my camera and kick in to the donations

tried to google for the flyer
too lazy to grab it off my site
but it is there

we will see how the weekend presents itself

gwadzilla said...

when you wrench...
do you wrench alone of with friends?
I used to love having friends come over with their bikes and a six pack and we would tinker
but now
that seems to have slipped from my schedule
I still have not set up a proper shop in my basement
all my big dreams and I have not even hung peg board
definite winter project... clean the basement

Rocco said...

white carbin. oh so delish.
used steel. oh so reasonable.

Ptelea said...

It's probably a good thing that you didn't 'go inside'.... how would you be able to resist??

the old bag said...

Hey Senioritis, 15 days! Good for you! And NO I don't need another current rides' ages: 2 yrs, 3 yrs; 7, 8, 9 yrs (into racing big time then); 13 yrs, 44 yrs. All working and happy. But if YOU are thinking about one, I've heard it's an excellent ride!

Gwadzilla, sad, definitely family. Found the page, but the flyer wasn't there. If you go, I hope to hear/read/see the day on your site.

And wrenching I tend to do on my own...hmmm, friends bringing six-packs....

Rocco, thanks for stopping by. Delish vs. reasonable. Tough call!

Ptelea, I WAS INSIDE! I even touched it -- smooth and silky...irridescent.