Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On the Food Chain, Plaid Rules

On Monday a guy in khakis and a plaid shirt with dress shoes on a 35 lb. 3-speed Raleigh with what could pass for a grocery cart hanging from his handlebars dusted my @ss on the way home...yeah, he was only going 6 miles and my one-way is 12 -- that's it.

Stopped by the LBS tonight on the way home and was given a hard time about using my racing bike for cool factor has definitely warmed. A new 'cross ride has been in the back of my head for months. Now, it may be a necessity.

Or, maybe I'll just get out my Schwinn Starlet and give up the lycra.

According to a post in the MTBR Women's Forum, I'm all over the cycling food chain...from Trackie (4th) and Cat. 3 (7th) to Tourist--Non-loaded, organized group in mountains (18th) to Commuter on Racing Bike (27th). I wonder if there's a time-qualifier -- I might have to forgo my 4th and 7th places since I haven't raced in three years. Hopefully, the Unspoken Rules section will show I qualify for moves!

Fingers crossed!

- TOB wondering what message plaid really sends


gwadzilla said...

fingers crossed?
this is cross season
get on the cross bike

there are always more sub groups of the subculture to dabble in

although dressed in street gear on grandma's bike
that guy could very well still be a cyclist
just saving his carbon bike or his double banger for what it was designed for

the old bag said...

...could be...if so, the pith helmet was the perfect prop!