Saturday, October 18, 2008

Step Three

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New egress window last week.




Next up for the weekend: kitchen demolition...down to the studs. The redo begins on Monday.

Riding? We'll fit it in somewhere, but it'll be close to home.

- The it's always something Bag


Fat Lad said...

pardon my ignorance... but... what's that window for?

Fat Lad

Anonymous said...

Fire exit.

Depends on your local building code, however an egress window is often one of the things required to have a "legal" bedroom in a basement.

the old bag said...

Yup FL, it's required if'n one wants to officially claim a basement bedroom -- we're not selling, but if we ever do we like being able to advertise as a 4-bedroom house...pretty rare in this neighborhood. Figured we'd have it done now while we're having other work done on the place.

Fat Lad said...

I am suitably informed :)

Fat Lad