Thursday, August 28, 2008

Step Two

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The foundation stucco was dropping off in chunks this summer...another home project taken on by the prior owner people need to know when they're outta their league. There were spots where the cinder block itself had 1-2" holes -- the stucco had taken chunks of block with it when it pulled away.

- O$B I was tired of hosta anyway


Fat Lad said...

I heard a rumour that you have a bike and sometimes ride it ;)

Fat Lad

the old bag said...

Yeah, I heard that rumor also. Who starts these things?!?

Eclectchick said...

Nice!!!! You're very handy.

I am following your example, albeit with smaller projects. Finally painted my front door a lovely, deep red last weekend.

CycloneCross said...

Jeanne- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've updated my post and will be more vigilent in the future when referencing someone else's hard and well thought out work. Thank you again for pointing out my error.


the old bag said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gary!