Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Stories are True

I heard a rumour that you have a bike and sometimes ride it ;)

Fat Lad

- Bagger was in Cable, WI, last weekend and was it sa-wheet!


Fat Lad said...

Autumn has hit there too then...

Won't be long before you're back on ski's will it?

Fat Lad

the old bag said...

So far it's a beautiful fall around here -- one of the nicest in several years.

I hate to think about skiing already!

Vito said...

Oh it is coming!

I'm happy to see you posting more frequently.

I'm looking at ordering some studded time like now to prepare.

Vito said...

OB...You ever do the Cheq Fat Tire?

the old bag said...

Nope Vito, no Fat Tire's never been an interest, but I know people are hooked on it!