Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whoa Betty

This past winter reminded me just how much I enjoy being out playing in the snow the snowy part, not the hang-on-until-friggin’-May part. It was the first winter in ages that we had enough snow in our metro area that we could ski close to home after the workday. And it meant that on weekends we had more time at home because we weren’t packing up the car for a day’s trip to find good skiing...with a mere 10-20 minute drive, we could ski and be home in time for lunch.

For the first winter in years I hung up the bicycle and didn’t look back. Sunny, blue days on the ski trails were a treat. I hated to see it end.

In Minnesota, if a person is a bicycle-head and a ski-head, it means s/he fits into one of two categories. One is either:
  • a bicycle rider who skis in the off-season
  • a skier who rides bicycles in the off season.

I’d always thought of myself as the former, a died in the wool cyclist who skis because it’s something different to do in the winter, but this past season I started to wonder if I’m really a skier at heart who puts up with riding during my off-season. I love the skinny skis.

Could it be? I did ride the bicycle a few times this past winter, but could never find the endorphins I found while skiing. The studded tires coming off the ‘cross bike earlier in the month gave me a bit of a lift, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

After work Thurs, we met up with a couple friends near Uptown for a quick spin around the trail network. Not quite feeling up to par, I figured I’d be dragging after everyone else, so at the last minute decided to give myself whatever advantage I could.

Betty came out instead of the ‘cross bike -- she’s light, she’s quick, she’s fun, and she fits right. It was a wow moment...

...I ski in the off-season.



Groover said...

Yes, you know it when you feel it. Being one with the bike, going fast, in control, strong ... That's a very nice Bianchi!

Enjoy the skiing while it lasts ... you will enjoy the road again even more ... I guess you are a skier while on ski and a cyclist in the saddle.

I will be back to read about your riding.

Chris said...

I think it is great that you can be happy either way in times of unsure weather way way way up there where you live. So, at the end of the day it really doesn't matter if it snows or shines. You will get your workout in.

bother yam said...

This past year I'm definitely a biker -- ride (with studs) when I can and show when I wanna. Skiing is something I do when the Mrs wants to. I'm not used to what it does to my ankles yet.

But it was a good winter anyway. I'd take another...

bother yam said...

Gah -- show == shoe (snowshoe)

Tim said...

...I ski in the off-season.

Whew! You were worryin' me there for a minute!

Eclectchick said...

Huh - I never thought about it. I guess I'm the first.

I really got into skiing (somewhat) seriously for the first time this winter and I gotta tell you - the winter felt a LOT shorter.

For the first time since I was a kid (back when I loved downhill skiing and sledding), I actually HOPED for bunches of snow!

Loved it!

Vito said...

When I still lived "Up North" I was on skis all winter long. I'm a trad skier and those big wide trails are a turn off. I miss those narrow double track trails winding through the forest. I know there are some still out there.
I was very tempted to buy skate skis this past winter...maybe next year if we get the snow. Then again, there is snow biking.