Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Betty somehow caught wind that I’ve been looking at carbon bike porn online.

I think we’ve compromised.

I guess I’m considering a carbon seatpost instead...

... .



- OB ...wait a minute....


Tim said...

Betty needs to open up to the possibilities of an "open relationship."

Pete said...

That's right, buy the lady something pretty to make her feel good. ;-)

the old bag said...

...the things you guys have to go through....

Vito said...

I'm happy we've come to an understanding:)

SiouxGeonz said...

Imagine that blues piano hammering out the rhythm... imagine Saffire (uppity blues women) at the mic ... okay, there oughta be some choreography too... (c'mon Trek, sign me up and I"ll give you rights to it :))
I'm holdin out for a carbon fiber frame
Nothin' gets me strokin' like a carbon fiber frame can
My legs can't wait to straddle
That carbon fiber saddle
And ride that baby all day long.

I've shared my chamois with aluminum toys
They're light and fast like a bony little boy
All that bumpin' and a grindin'
Is too hard on my behind and
So I'm lookin' for a carbon fiber frame.


I've gotten close and comfy with a frame of steel
It's strong and it's supple and I loooooove the way it feels
But it takes so long to get it up ... to speed
A carbon fiber frame is what I need.

CODA: A carbon fiber frame is what I need!
... and if I can't have the whole frame, I'd settle for a good fork...

Shanybu said...

I love the term "bike porn"- I am a fellow addict:)