Friday, April 25, 2008

Triathletes on a Training Ride

I hear them
whirring in the distance behind
suddenly overtaking
swarming ‘round
I raise my arm over my face
jump to the side of the trail
they swerve every which way over the trail
and pass
like barn swallows

- TOB no offense intended to my tri’s just that...well, you know.


Chris said...

You should have pulled out your piece and busted some caps.

the old bag said...

They didn't actually run me off the trail, I'm just easily humored at how they're all over the place while they ride. Tris and road racers obviously have different racing/riding emphasis!

bother yam said...

Last weekend (you know, when we had sun and tolerable temps) me Mrs and I went walking around Lake Harriet. The pathletes with their Orbeas and Sevens and such on the path caused me to chuckle quite a bit. One fully-kitted Serrotta rider wobbled by with his knees nearly perpendicular to his bike. Caused quite the giggle fit from us.

$8000 dollars worth of gear and you still ride on the sidewalk?