Monday, August 14, 2006


n. the feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state

It hit me last week,

Now, I fight the pull daily
as I ride-past the drive-through.

I can go without. I don't need it.
I can cold-turkey any time I want to.

And I never over-indulge...
just a cheeseburger, small fry and a tiny Coke.
Maybe once a month. Maybe. Maybe not even.

But it satisfies some primal yearning,
some sensation my taste buds scream for....

- ob and then I wonder, just what-the-heck were they screaming about?!?


Pete said...

On the weekend road trip we at McD's two days in a row. That was too much.

Trée said...

I went to Wendy's today. Please don't tell anyone and I promise not to do it again. But scratching that itch sure did feel good. :-D

Now for some Dove bars!

PAB said...

i seem to do that with grape soda.

gotta have some.

then, "gee, that was awful..."

Tim said...

Hey, haven't you heard McD's cheeseburgers fuel your furnace, baby!

Really! Ronald told me!

X Bunny said...

grape soda!

we need some for this weekend!


i do that with chili cheese dip...

Erein said...

I've been a vegetarian for 4 years now and I STILL crave McDonalds. I think they put drugs in their food. :/

the old bag said...

Pete -- bleck!

Trée -- Now, Wendy's I can do more often: baked potato, chili. And Dove bars are just plain regular requirments.

Pab -- grape soda is the best...haven't had any in years. Used to be my favorite after-workout drink.

Tim -- the fuel of champions!

xBunny -- believe it or not, every now and again I've GOT to have Velveeta and Pace.

Erein -- I worked there for a couple years in college, and I keep coming back. Drugs.

KM said...


Heads up -- I am sending you an email at your yahoo account regarding the hardcase for your bike.



gwadzilla said...

supersize me...


I am already super sized

I love the taste of Micky D's
although I have not tasted it for over 6 years
I did have to go cold turkey
as I found myself eating there more than once a day
several times a week

Alberto said...

The nearest McDs to me is one hour’s drive away and really off my bike routes. Thak you, Lord!

velocycling said...

Fast food joints put a special drug it all their food. It is more addictive than nicotine. Fight the corparate giants!!