Sunday, August 06, 2006

At 45 it's Elementary

A unique group of women, some of whom go as far back as Miss Ensberg's kindergarten class...the teenaged years were better, the family struggles easier, the choices simpler because of them. We scattered around the country in the 80s and our lives have since diverged, but we're still among the best of friends.

Next trip: 2011!

- OB third from the left, still no hair dye, and not on a bicycle


Emma Pod said...

Hi Old Bag! Great photos of the winery and the coast! And all of you Bobcat girls are still pretty foxy!


George said...

You don't need hair dye.

I'm 46 and I haven't used it yet. Of course, I don't have much hair left anyway............

the old bag said...

Emma -- Thanks! How's pod-life these days?

George -- I guess I'd rather be grey than losing it...just isn't socially acceptable for women to be bald :-]