Monday, February 04, 2008

Lake of the Isles

Luminary Loppet
Minneapolis, MN
Feb. 2, 2008

- TOB along with 200 of her closest ski buddies....


C. P. said...

I've run around it, cycled past it, even jumped in it and skated on top of it... but never skiied across it. Looks wonderful!

Snakebite said...

Air up the tyres. Hiawatha, 7:45 AM, this Saturday, be there. Bring as many others as you can round up. And a couple of $$ for coffee and stuff.

Linnea said...

Det verkas j├Ąttekul!

Loppet = race in Swedish. That looks like so much fun! This is one time of year when I'd love to get out of California and spend time somewhere with a little snow (MN or Sweden would be great!).