Thursday, January 17, 2008

Smellin' Like Flowers

I quit washing my ski shirts
I started wearing wool
it's non-itchy, silky-soft, merino wool
it doesn't hold onto odors
if it doesn't smell
doesn't need a washing machine

I smell like flowers anyway
I'm not wearing crude oil anymore
Polyesters are generally manufactured from petroleum
from which the constituent acids and alcohols are derived.

I quit wearing some crude oil
I'm not sure what Windstopper is made of
it keeps me warm on really cold days
I'll make an exception for Windstopper
what of all my cycling clothes
are totally made of plastic
other assorted man-made gunk
clings skin-tight to my outers
...spandex fibers are produced in four different ways including melt extrusion,
reaction spinning, solution dry spinning, and solution wet spinning.
All of these methods include the initial step of reacting monomers
to produce a prepolymer.


- TOB a bit creeped-out


StevenCX said...

Capilene is made from recycled soft drink bottles. And it's the best base layer ever!

the old bag said...

Patagonia merino wool base layer is even better.

Merino wool = not smelly and made from natural renewable material.

bother yam said...

I wear wool socks a couple of times before I wash 'em. This, coming from a guy that can cook up a stinkfoot that'll stun a bear sometimes.

Wool rocks!

X Bunny said...

just a microthink layer of that merino wool and you better be sure it's under 30 degrees outside or you'll be roasting!

Fat Lad said...

Bunny, a merion base layer wicks sweat really well too so they keep you at the optimum temp.

I have three merion bases layers now (two from Howieshowies and one from Embers)

Fat Lad

Roberta S said...

Hi jeanne. What pisses me off is while I'm scratching around in stores looking for wonderful, breathable, petro-less, authentic cotton, I find out on the Discovery Channel that they're using cotton (and fine lovely linen thread) to make paper money!! There should be a law.

Wool is so nice as long as it isn't bonded to plastic. And you're right if the fabric breathes properly, there is no need to wash it every three hours.

Eclectchick said...

I had no idea merino wool was that good. Huh.

the old bag said...

Got some Smartwool and some Icebreaker myself...right now Sierra Trading Post has a load of Icebreaker, but it's getting picked over quickly. The 260 weight is almost too warm for skiing.

fridrix said...

If you think wool can't hold a scent... visit my laundry hamper! My favorite base layer is the Thermasilk.