Monday, January 21, 2008

And I didn't look like the Staypuft Man

Skiing at 1 degree

We headed out to a local ski joint prior to the high temps of the day after all the Packers were playing later and pretty much had the trails to ourselves. There were a few high school team kids out getting their workout, but for the most part there's nothin' like 1 degree to keep the rifraff away. As we were wrapping-up around 3:00, a couple of dads with their kids were hitting the trails. Dad and dad were obvious skiing/skating buffs -- it was fun to see their kids (two pre-teen boys and a couple early-teen girls) skilled on the boards as well and thoroughly enjoying themselves. There's hope for the future of the sport!

Skiing comfortably at 1 degree requires:

Weather Conditions


stiff SOBs

wool hat
neoprene face mask

wool tank
zip T wool 260 long sleeve
full windstopper cycling/skiing jacket

wool glove liners
windstopper lobster mittens

silk longjohns
wool 200 longjohns
wind front ski pants

wool liner sock
thick wool sock
heat packs upside and underside of toes
boot covers if'n ya got em!



Squarehead said...

And I thought it was cold here in Western PA. This native of New Jersey is glad his Scandinavian family did not settle in The Great White North.

C. P. said...

-19 here this morning with -40 windchill. Make it stop, OB, make it stop!

Snakebite said...

Hey, get your butt outta the house and to the HC ride on Saturday (7:45 AM)!!!

Lunatic Biker said...

Are ya sure ya had enough clothes on?

the old bag said...

Squarehead -- durned cold here. Thanks for stopping by.

CP -- I would if I could CP, would if I could.

Snakebite -- would love to but I'm heading out for a weekend of skiing Michigin! Wahoo!

Lunatic -- fergot the down parka....

X Bunny said...


i totally can't post any 'complaining about the cold weather' posts now

Matt_J said...

Dear Old Bag,
I typed The Staypuft Man into google and you turned up number one. It must mean something?