Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fly on the Wall the jar??

I wrapped up grad classes three weeks ago and have yet to figure-out normal. Finishing right before the holidays didn't help much. Extra time was spent with preparations, even if all that involved was purchasing a couple of gift cards. There were work parties to attend, a couple suppers with friends, and some car repairs that needed to be taken care of. I was still busy.

Vacation days between Christmas and the New Year were spent visiting family and sleeping-off a cold and some drab exhaustion. When I felt normal I'd grab a book and read a couple chapters, then set it down looking for the next thing I needed to do. After some quick skiing or riding, I'd do some finger-twiddling wondering what I had to take care of next. I felt a bit like a fly in a jar...bzzzzzz bzzz bzzzzTT....bzzzzTT... bzzzzzzzzzzTT.... During the down times I'd get through a couple things I'd been neglecting since August, but for all the flurry, I wasn't really getting anywhere.

I couldn't quite figure out how to take the time needed to think through anything or to organize myself (or my office piles!). While I remembered all the things I used to do, I'd forgotten the pace of all the things I used to do. I'd just been through a year of outwardly imposed due dates and expectations. While something similar typically defines anyone's work day, for 12 months this defined my time after work as well. And now that it's over, it seems I need to re-figure how to set my own goals I will skate ski all day with intermittent stops for hot chocolate and a sandwich and determine what's important to me.

I'm getting used to spending a day out skiing and an evening shopping online at Sierra Trading Post (if you're into Icebreaker woolies, now's the time!), but it feels a bit indulgent.

O not a fly, dammit! B

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Snakebite said...

It's FLY on the wall, WHISKEY in a jar.