Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm in Truckee??

I buzz through my blog stats every now and again out of curiosity -- I have fun with the search terms readers have used to stumble across TOB...I get some surprises now and again: naked old gray woman, what lube do women prefer, and most recently massive cleavage.

I scroll through the visitor paths sometimes just to see where people come from. Recently I noticed a new, and fairly regular, visitor from Truckee, CA... least until I saw this result:Far as I know, the only one publishing to TOB would be me. I realized a couple of things:
  1. I forgot to set a blocking cookie on the new laptop so my own visits were counting
  2. My old cable provider's buy-out now means my computer gets to go to California without me sure hope it's having fun
Last time I was in Truckee, downhill skiing and OB's Pub were part of the trip.

- OB not the pub


Snakebite said...

How's the weather in Truckee?

lauren said...

it's been a while since there was good snow in tahoe and truckee.

we're waiting patiently for it so we can head up and get some california skiing in.

PAB said...

one of the Safeway teammates lives in trukee.

he isn't a blogger, but he has definitely been identified as a lurker...

Jeff in Chico said...

I love the time I lived in Truckee. I worked summers and winters up there during college and have friends who moved up to make it their home. I try to go up at least once a year just to breathe the air.

And.....OBs is good but you can't beat the biscuits & gravy at the Coffee And Cafe just down the sidewalk from OBs. And don't get me started about the pancakes!

X Bunny said...

the 'squeeze in' or something like that in truckee has 40gazillion different omelettes

i don't even like omelettes and i had a great one there

of course it was after a 40k itt so anything mighta tasted good

but i highly recommend the squeeze in

gwadzilla said...

I need to install that GOOGLE Analytics

I use a site meter

it is fun to see where the viewers are fun

high numbers are fun
low numbers are not fun

it is always curious why people view

sometimes it is really obscure

there are always the eSPIDERS crawling the net

Tim said...

This post made me laugh. I've done the same thing, tracking myself around the country, getting worried that someone was breaking into my web site.

The other thing I do is send myself reminder emails and then get all excited when a box pops up seconds later telling me I have new mail.

The Old Bag said...

I'm with you on the last point...OH, I'VE GOT MAIL!