Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Inner Xena

Well, she WAS here somewhere...

searching for strength
steel mind
split-second reaction time

digging deep
disappointment obvious

reluctant being
mush brained
wimpy abilities

where did it go
the arm muscle
sculpted leg
strong resolve
steel mind
massive cleavage er wait, that was someone else

-OB outta shape


Ptelea said...

I join you in lamenting being 'outta shape'.

*massive cleavage is highly overrated - just more weight to haul around!!

Shawn Kielty said...

I doubt this outta shape business baggy. It can't be. I've been behind you. I know better.

Emma Pod said...

Here's to finding the inner Xena again! I've been looking for her myself.

X Bunny said...

don'tcha hate those 'outta-shapers' who kick your butt...

the old bag said...

Ptelea -- thanks for being there for me! Are you doing any snowshoeing this winter?

Shawn -- now I'm not sayin' my ass is all wide, I'm just sayin' I'm breathing harder during what should be a routine ride, that's all. I'm tired!

Emma -- it seems like you're on a roll looking for her. Good luck!

xB -- no butt whupin' here. I'm gasping for breath...frustrating

Trée said...

I'm with ya OB. Sportin' my winter coat a bit early. Damn that Richie, where is my bike! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :-D

Trée said...

Oh, and its only been 30 months and counting. Holy shiott, good thing I'm the patient type. Speaking of which, do OB's ride south for the winter? Just asking. :-)

the old bag said...

Trée -- OBs journey to AZ once during the cold season, but for the most part they stick around and hit the ski trails.

Wow...30 months?!