Sunday, December 24, 2006

Not Quite what I was Hoping for...

all day last Thursday
four days before Christmas
in December
in Minnesota
as my mind wandered 10 degrees lower
and saw inches of snowfall
floating to the ground
my reality had slush and disappointment building
freezing overnight
and the days remain gray and overly warm
keeping us in the limbo that's neither fall nor winter
but worse
because running on the neighborhood streets now is dicey
and I haven't picked-up those studded bicycle tires YET
and while spinning on the trainer is good for
my NetFlix subscription
I'd just rather be outside
sliding through the woods
on the skinny skis

- ob

BUT, I'm closer to buying those tires!


Snakebite said...

Wait a little longer. Those tires will be on an end of season sale!

X Bunny said...

we've made it out for 2 skis
but this next storm may wash it all away....

i think april is going to be a blizzard from start to finish

the old bag said...

'bite -- too late....

xB -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed.