Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Next Year the Knobbies

Dammit I Forgot Them for the Second Year in a Row!

Next year the knobbies
need to come with
to prance up the uphills
to pound through the ditch

Next year the knobbies
will clutch, paw and dig
careen down the downhills
on my mountain rig

This year the knobbies
were up on the hook
high in the rafters
the garage
my house


- The Bag forgot them again and this time there was snow and #@!%!! wet leaves


Snakebite said...

Maybe just leave the Knobbies on year 'round - heh, heh, heh!!!

the old bag said...

...but that makes too much sense....

budda43 said...

I do the same thing w/ my fenders. I took 'em off at the end of spring and I've been meaing to put 'em back on ever since the freezing rain and snow started back up. Buuut, time and again, I show up at work with a fresh brown gritty stain on the seat of my pants, down the front of my jacket, on my glasses, and in my hair.


Roberta said...

jeanne, where is the love? How could you have forgotten? Maybe move them to the bathroom or some other place you frequent until next year comes.

(great pic).

X Bunny said...


(remind me in february that i said that)

Shawn Kielty said...

The fenders -- this will be the first winter in a while I've needed any. I put some on today/ Can you imagine my hair with the road grit in it ...??

the old bag said...

Budda -- I hear you...dunno what it takes for us to realize.

Roberta -- yeah...I'm a bad mom! But you know, putting them in a place I frequent means eventually I'll come to see their placement in that spot as normal, then they'll become "invisible."

xB -- yeah, but not in mid-October. We're supposed to be seeing blazing colors and 60 degree days. This is a bit of a bummer!

Shawn -- ew! What a mess that would be. I've got to find something for my winter commuting as well.