Monday, October 02, 2006

Magic, Space, Love, Freedom

surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size

heroic and impressive in quality

We've all had one -- an epic ride -- whether mountain, road or commute.

We know when we're in ITS midst. We know we've been there after IT'S gone. IT leaves faraway wildness or wistfullness on our faces as we struggle to capture the hugeness while we retell the tale...our tale of THAT ride.

Yet, we're content in our inability. IT can't be readily explained. And those listening nod with understanding.

Your epic: what are the components? Juancho explains his over at the Circus "no matter how many miles I ride, my body will never catch up to the distance my mind travels when in the saddle."



sydney_b said...

That's a great essay and what a quote. Even tho i've not done any epic off-roads, i know that feeling, even on the pavement. It's a sense of freedom unmatched in my experience thus far, anyway.

PAB said...

i don't know the components--but i think i might realize it when i'm on one...

in 20+ years, there are those relatively few rides that stick out in my mind, some on the pavment, some on the dirt--cherished memories.

David Rowe said...

The elements of an epic ride for me are ... starting out before daybreak, rolling across a rural countryside, crossing a river on a ferry, a climb over an alpine mountain pass, riding past the timberline, and then down to the desert and the river gorge, a smile from a friend, tacos and tamales at the general store, my Atlantis working perfectly, the sound of its tires purring on the pavement, a red tailed hawk calling out to us as it circles above, water falls rushing down the cliffs, a moon rise over the valley, a shooting star, a long soak in a hot bath.

It happens a lot in Oregon.

the old bag said...

Syd -- I think freedom is a big piece...some sort of magic might be the other must-have.

Pab -- agreed, tough to break it down, but you know when you're in one...and the memory lasts.

David -- thanks for stopping by! Riding past the timberline and down into the gorge is one of my epics as well.

juancho said...

Thanks for the love OB!

the old bag said...

Good stuff, Juancho.