Thursday, June 08, 2006

Joe #2

lying player
who's a
has a
new addiction
and a
psycho ex-girlfriend
and the final phone call? damn, was I on my game!

- OOOOOB be smart, women!


C. P. said...

Bummer, TOB

Remember, there's more fish in the sea...
er, boats in the water...
er, bikes in the shop...
yeah, bikes in the shop.

Ptelea said...

Joe #2 was clearly NOT WORTHY of you OB. Better to find out sooner rather than later. Take care.

p.s. my word verification was jjunk!

shannon said...

eeeesh--sorry to hear it, OB~but I'd love to read a transcript of your parting shots :)

verify: ugbscuwz--loosely translated, "ugly scuzz"

Tim said...

But a smart woman knows to run the other way (and then open fire in her blog)!

Like c.p. said, there are more bikes in the shop. Hold out for a high-end carbon model.

Ruby said...

I'm sorry. And I hope that your heart is not broken. Disappointment is easier to mend.

the old bag said...

CP -- not so much a bummer, but moreso a whew, a bizzare, and a Praise Juheezus!

Ptelea -- great verification! Definitely better to discover broken heart, but lots of relief!

Shannon -- I'll consider the parting shots (he really tried to pull-out some stock lines, it was pretty interesting) but truly, I'm not sure which side of sanity these people are on here, so I may just happily go on with cycling...but, there's got to be a way to combine the two....hmmm

Tim -- there's alot of ammunition yet to pelt, but common decency may get in the way (even though it's undeserved).

Ruby -- three weeks isn't long enough for a broken heart...and the situation got really bizarre, so I'm not even disappointed. Now that I've got a bit of distance from it, I'm finding it somewhat fascinating in an odd way (that teacher part of me: behavior, actions, psychology, learning = ???).

the old bag said...

Shannon -- by the way, love the "ugly scuzz"!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

right on, sistah.

and, the pooh ... ewwww.