Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Bettys

EDIT: changed the ending on this one 6/11

I first came across the term Betty while reading MTBR's Women's Lounge: someone referred to a fellow biker's new baby as a beautiful new Betty. I started seeing the term bandied about when women talked about their female cycling buddies. Betty has connotations as strong as those that are attached to Fred don't be such a Fred! except Betty lies on the other side of the spectrum. Being a Betty is all good.

Betty is strong and intelligent. She's willing to try about anything and she learns quickly. Betty doesn't know it all, and she realizes that. She's fiercely loyal. She listens and supports. Betty knows when to talk, when to joke and when to be quiet.

Betty is a smart cyclist who understands the bond.

So, when life tossed-up some road apples while we were away for a cycling weekend in the woods, two women kept close, kept me sane and kept me clear of the splatter. When the manure spread into the week, they were close to the phone and to the computer.

I've been fortunate throughout my life to have developed close friendships with smart, confident women...some of those relationships span 39 years of my 45 year old life. But, I've found I'm also blessed with new friendships growing from respected acquaintances who rally 'round when life tosses out something unexpected.

They're Bettys.

- OB


todd said...

Betty is one of my favorite bands.

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