Sunday, October 07, 2012


Sunday 9/23

Monday 9/24

Tuesday 9/25
Blessed Tegaderm

Wednesday 9/26
Half-Day of Work (and a 7-mile easy trail ride)

Friday 9/27
Second of Two Days Spent Napping 
Wed's Half-Day at Work (and 7-mile easy trail ride)

Saturday 9/29

Sunday 9/30
Attitude is Good!

Sunday 10/7
Two Weeks Later

Now I'm concentrating on healing the INSIDE of the head.

-The recuperating Old Bag


jeff said...

You should see the inside of the other guy's head! Keep the pedals turning.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Way to go, keep riding.

Snakebite said...

I'm glad things are getting better. So, ready to jump back on the mountain bike but with a full-faced helmet?

rlove2bike said...

WOW...a great big WOW!! It's good to see the recovery going well.

Thanks for the post,

Pete said...

Glad to see the smile returning!

The Old Bag said...

Thanks all!

Snakebite, the face didn't bother me much--the scrapes, while looking awful, were very much on the surface with no deep gouges (it oozed more than bled), no mashed cheekbone, no broken jaw, no missing teeth.

My head, on the other hand, still feels fragile. I really tossed the brain around -- I'm beginning my third week away from work. The concussion symptoms are gradually going away: vertigo, crushing fatigue and an amazing lack of ability to concentrate or multitask.

I'm familiar with misc. illness and injury, but this is new territory!

Vito said...

Scary! I'm happy to hear that you are recovering and hope that things continue to get better. I fractured three ribs and my sternum in a rather innocuous crash out there a few years ago. I continued to "try" riding for three days before going to the doc because the pain was so bad. Fractured ribs are far better than a damaged noggin:) Hope your healing process continues to go smoothly.

The Old Bag said...

Vito, the innocuous crashes are the ones that are nasty! What's up with that?

Mark (WD) recently asked me if I'd have rather broken a bone than gotten a concussion (of course I asked if I got to pick the bone!), and after thinking about it I think I'd go for the break....mainly because I understand physical pain, healing, timelines, when to push it and when not to. If my brain hurt, I'd understand it better. This vertigo stuff is plain old passive aggressive! :-)