Saturday, July 30, 2011


Betty just has more get-up-and-go than...than...Aunt Lorraine, here! I blurted out, as I topped the hill. It had been a rainy few days and we grabbed the bikes with fenders and racks—the Long Haul Truckers—for our Saturday breakfast ride, and I forgot.

* sigh *

I forgot that I wasn’t riding Betty. Climbing? The LHT can’t be persuaded to get all excited about it. She’ll take me places and haul things that Betty won’t touch, but she won’t be something she’s not...and she’s just not racy.

You know an Aunt Lorraine. She can’t be hurried. Around her, life is relaxed and comfortable, but underneath all that deliberateness there’s potential for adventure.

Lorraine likes a good beer, three squares a day, and a gin tonic on summer nights during poker games. She’s a sturdy woman...not fat, mind you, but tall and solid. Fifty years ago she’d have been called a spinster. Now she’s simply a grown-up tomboy, independent as hell, who has her own way moving through the world.

Aunt Lorraine’s got a past, and when she’s in the right mood you’ll hear about some of it. She’ll trail off and smile, then offer you some more iced tea before the two of you head off in the truck...that old Sorrenson place just outside town is waiting to be explored.

Lorraine makes you see parts of yourself in a different way. Things that are neither good nor bad she simply paints in new colors, and you find yourself hmmmm-ing and nodding. She helps you realize there’s more to life than the block you live on, and there’s more about time than the here and now.

The way it’s always been?

There just may be another way.

- Old Bag learning new tricks


WheelDancer said...

Ah, Sweet Lorraine.

jeff said...

I think I know her. Does she wear sensible shoes?

The Old Bag said...

When she's not in her hiking boots.

rraine said...

i was reading another blog, on which was listed yours as one followed. it caught my eye, because...
my name is lorraine, and i was named after an "aunt lorraine!"
thanks for the jolt and the laugh!

The Old Bag said...

@rraine Do YOU wear sensible shoes too?!?

rraine said...

the only sensible things about my shoes are that they don't hurt my feet! hiking boots (of course!), keens, rocket dogs, flip-flops, and a pair of strappy black heels for those special occasions.
i teach yoga-most of the time i'm barefootin' it.

shawnkielty said...

Oh -- I have all the shoes except the heels -- I am thinking shoes -- are entirely too sensible.