Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Part 2

the cyclist
riding toward me
sat up as we approached
and threw out a big wave
I saw the front Larry
“Hey, BUDDY!”
I put out a hand
as a smile cracked across my face
and we passed each other
fat-tired fellowship
and sweet

- The fat Old Bag

Part 1


Joboo said...

I have yet to get the nod, maybe that's a symptom of less folks pedaling where I live.
Although, I do have some local kids waiting for me on my way home from work. Monday it was one, today it was three. All at the same time they say "nice bike man!!" Could it be they'll have 5 on Friday?? That would be rich!!
On a lighter note (does it get much lighter than kids???), 3 little old ladies (yes it can!!!), have started coming out of their houses with the nicer weather. All 3 have stopped me this week, not all at once, but wouldn't that have a been a good one!!! Lol
We just wanted to talk with the man we saw riding his bike at 4:30 a.m. all winter!!!??? I think I was the topic of conversation for them through the long winter!!
That my friends warms my heart!!!
Ah, small town life, for kids and the mostly lovable little old ladies!!!

mytzpyk said...

"woah - 'bout need a f'n license for those!" - said the crosswalking pedestrian as he beheld the beauty and awesomeness of the tires on the Pugsley.

Snakebite said...

Can't wait to see your fat bike tattoo on your calf!