Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mucus Makes Everybody's Life a Little Better

Years ago when Sweetie and his brother were both making their living as musicians, they were sitting around the table sharing their music tales with their elderly grandmother. Grams obviously appreciated music herself as she nodded and looked wistfully at some point on the wall, remembering her favorite tunes. As she looked back at them, instead of saying music what came out was

Mucus makes everyone a little happier.

Sweetie and I use the phrase now and again, and we both break up laughing. After all, what would we do without it? mucus, I mean?

Except it's not so funny lately. I've been horking an overabundance of the stuff out of my nose for well over a week now -- green, white, yellow -- and I'm finding myself less than happy about mucus.

Somehow I blame it for the fact that I feel lousy. Intellectually, I know that overabundance of mucus is there for me, hauling colonies of virus germs out of my bod with every kleenex. But, emotionally, my head is full of vanilla pudding and my eyes are watery puffs...because of it I'm sleeping my weekends away and because of it I’m not riding and because of it I'm missing gatherings of friends.

Don't shoot the messenger. Mucus is just doing its job...without it, we'd all be worse off. Think about it for a minute.

On second thought, maybe don't think about it.

- O hork B


WheelDancer said...

Even though she's been dead for over twenty years, I know Grams would get a chuckle out of having made it onto the internets with this tale. There's a pretty straight line from her to the twinkle of humor in my eye.

I'll be laughing over this one for quite a while; thanks I needed that!

jeff said...

Mucus hath charms to soothe a savage breast. Let yourself be soothed.

Roberta S said...

Last time Hub went to his Doctor, the Doctor excused himself for wearing a mask. He said he had a bad cold.

Hub said, don't worry about that. I firmly believe it is good for me to get an occasional cold and cough up all the crap that builds up in my lungs.

The doctor did not respond for a few moments. Then with a bit of a blush in his cheeks he said to Hub, "And do you feel the same about diarrhea?"
Get well soon. Enjoy the music. Mucus is better than some other bodily discharges.

Emma Pod said...

Hi Old Bag....sorry to hear you've got the crud. I love the mucus line! It reminds me of Rick's story of a family car ride many years ago - they were talking about names for baby girls and his sister said, "I think Vagina is a pretty name." Of course his mother flipped out....

Tim said...

A sleep-deprived friend of mine was relating the experience of childbirth to her in-laws when she attempted to say that during labor she had experienced "intense rectal pressure." Instead, she told them she felt "intense rectal pleasure."

Try figuring out a way to use THAT the way you did with "mucus."

Feel better.

The Old Bag said...

@jeff -- I'm tryin, but it's getting old!

@Roberta -- great story! I guess I should count my blessings.

@Emma -- you're back! Out of the mouths of babes.....

@Tim -- thanks, and I think I'll be leaving THAT one alone!