Thursday, April 09, 2009

...and Tigers and Bears

neighborhood ride

it's always fun to look at houses, to get ideas

nice landscaping

I'd like nice landscaping

brick on the front fa├žade

I'd like brick on my house

that one has stone

no, not brick...stone! Stone would look nice.

as I went east, the houses got bigger

a bigger house would be so great, yes...big, with big rooms...with, but I only have a couple of chairs

one of the houses stretched around the entire corner of a block

I wonder how much flooring there is to clean in a house like that

with lots of windows

just think of the views! and the Windex...Windex makes me cough...vinegar works, though

and houses that faced the lake!

oh the lake, with all the walking on the trails and there's always people close by, especially in the summer...all the people, people are...lots of them, there...with their cars...parking in front of the house so they could walk by the lake all summer...all those people

and manicured lawns

and puttering around the yard, picking daisies! and weeds, the could golf on those do they, do they pay to have that done? why doesn't anyone ever plant native prairie??

and lions




-TOB doesn't have lion envy

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