Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I barely rode outside all winter
I rode twice?
maybe twice
maybe more I don't remember
but fer-sure not much at all
this winter was damned cold
and everyone knows cold is supposed to be for skiing
until it got
cold again, but not just cold...it was cold
damned cold
snot-rockets-freeze-on-the-way-out cold
toes-only-good-for-a-half-hour cold
I-need-pogies-and-don't-have-them-because-it-doesn't-get-that-cold-here cold
but then
then it got farging warm
but not springlike warm, just melt-some-snow warm
and I was ticked because I don't want to be riding in the winter anyway
because winter is for skiing
except the skiing
because it was cold, warm, cold, warm, coldwarmcoldwarmcold
but if skiing is lousy then I'm happy to ride
except when it's below 10
or 10 below
and I cried uncle
I guess
and so maybe I’ll take up
I don't know,
like crosswords or something
because now I'm all
waitingforwarmtemps then I'll ride
because last weekend we rode
thirty some miles in 60 sunny degrees
and I could smell
I could smell it
and now I can't
but I could
and this week it's cold

- OB off pouting somewhere


WheelDancer said...

There's a lot of that going around. You should go somewhere warm for a few days. Really you should step out into the warmth...

bother yam said...

I dealt with the cold okay -- it's this fraggin' 35 and rainy crap I can live without. I've caught more rides with the Mrs than I care to admit.

Can it be Spring now?

Tim said...

Cold is not for skiing.

Skiing is for when the snow is too deep for bikes!