Saturday, July 19, 2008

89 S. 10th, Mpls

Go to Hell

...and if you do go, get whatever the day's special is...or opt for the Mahnomin Porridge, Rosti Potatoes and Toasted Sausage Bread.
Share the bread.
The rest is all yours.
You won't need any more.

- The Old I like it when the day starts with the right attitude Bag


juancho said...

I ate there! 3 days in a row actually.

the old bag said...

Hell's is the best.

Warren T said...

J ... did you have to wait two hours for your risotto? Did Gordon Ramsay cuss anyone out?

Wait, different HK I guess.

Eclectchick said...

I keep meaning to go there . . . Thanks for the reminder.

I DO miss Du Jour's tho - the former resident of that building.

Ellie said...

I eat there whenever I'm in that part of town. I love it.