Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mourning Ski

It was a blue, sunny Sunday morning with temps in the mid-20s. After being down for a week with influenza, I was ready for skiing but my legs weren’t quite as up for the task. However, as slow as I was going, perfect trails and plenty of rest breaks made for an effortless ski.

We stopped often so I could rest and catch my breath. In those slow times, I also found myself catching other things.

In spite of a good foot of snow that’s still on the ground, the sun’s changing intensity is apparent. Even under protective shade, the snowpack in the woods is gradually retreating. Tree trunks are radiating warmth, and the snow just can’t cling to them like it can in January.

High spots next to the trail expose brown, wintered prairie grass.


We’re in an ebb-and-flow time of the year as days in the high 30s trade places with those in the single digits. They’re all first signs of spring, and that Sunday was the day I finally slowed down long enough to know I’m leaving soon, but you also know how I am--never did perfect the art of the clean break, so I’ll ease my way on down the trail...if you take up with something else before I’m gone, well you’s OK.

It was a beautiful day and it’s been a beautiful ski season--the best in years--and it’s winding down. It’s leaving me. Slowly.

It would be easier if it were just gone.

...but, there are these things hanging out in the garage....



Vito said...

Beautiful thoughts :)

Eclectchick said...

Influenza??? Sheesh, hope you feel better soon. :-(

This was indeed a banner ski year, wasn't it? Even as I feel giddy with the clear roads for riding and running, I'm sad to see the ski year ending.

Sending get well wishes . . .